2019 Laundry Lint Catcher Flower

$19.99 $40

With the 2019 Laundry Lint Catcher Flower, you'll easily keep the hair off and keep the professionalism on.

  • Major Hair Removal With Little Extra Effort - Just add washing powder to the floating flower filters, stick them in the washing machine after loading your laundry, and let the power of foam do the rest. After the load is complete, take the flower filter out and clean it. 
  • Reusable - After the flower filter has been cleaned of lint and fur, you can use it again and again. It is recommended to use 3-4 Laundry Lint Catcher Flower Removers per load for a high-capacity washer.
  • Perfect For Fuzzy Pet Lovers: Fit who have a fluffy pet like dogs or cats.
  • Cute Flower Design - Choose from pink or blue flowers.

Package included: 4pcs 2019 Laundry Lint Catcher Flower

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